The Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.
Since 1959 proudly serving the Town of Blooming Grove and the Village of Washingtonville.

How to contact the ambulance corps

Mailing Address

Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps
7 North Street
Washingtonville, N.Y. 10992

Our station is located at 7 North Street in Washingtonville.
We are next to the Stewart's Ice Cream Shop which is at the corner of RT 94 and North Street.

E-Mail for concerns regarding training, joining, CPR and first aid classes, and general "basic life support (BLS)" issues.
Our Chief Medic's e-mail is: for concerns regarding "advanced life support (ALS)" issues.


We have several phone lines going into our station.

You may call (845) 496-9281 to attempt to reach someone at the station
You may fax us at either (845) 497-3185 (which is in the executive office)

We have an advanced voice mail system at our station.
You may dial it directly by calling (845) 497-3186.
The call will be answered by our automated attendant, who will guide you through a list of officers.
Once you reach the automated attendant, you may enter one of the following extensions immediately.

Officer Voice Mailbox Number
Chairman of the Board: Carole McCann (Jan 2012-Dec 2016) 21
Treasurer - Payable and Receivables 14
Membership Officer 30
Training Center (CPR Classes) 43
Chief Paramedic 41
Ass't Chief Paramedic 20
Building and Grounds 23
Board of Directors: Gil Davidson (Jan 2011-Dec 2015)
Board of Directors: Jim Mullen (Jan 2008-Dec 2012)
Board of Directors: Dawn Salka (Nov 2011*-Dec 2014)
Board of Directors: Wayne Schutz (Nov 2010*-Dec 2013)

* Term vacated early