The Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.
Since 1959 proudly serving the Town of Blooming Grove and the Village of Washingtonville.

The Blooming Grove Volunteer Ambulance Corps constitution provides for the awarding of life and honorary membership.

Life members have served the ambulance corps for twenty years. Their operator numbers (originally assigned as part of the Civil Defense program) have been retired. We congratulate the following people for attaining this achievement.

Gil Davidson:
Operator 10

Gil Davidson

Gil joined the Corp in 1984, he has served as Building Officer and has been on the Board of Directors, also serving as its Chairman. He continues to serve today.

Frank Hemming:
Operator 46

Frank Hemming

Frank joined the corps in January 1977 and served until the summer of 1997. During that time, he served several positions, including president, vice president, membership officer and training officer. Frank ran more than a thousand calls during his career.

Ginny Jeffries:
Operator 06

Ginny Jeffries

Ginny, who was a charter member of the Corps, actively rode for ten years. After that, she server as dispatcher until the time we went with a professional dispatching service. Ginny was present at the open house for our new bay to help cut the ribbon.

Billy Knapp:
Operator 49

William Knapp

Billy joined the corps in 1976. Bill reached 6000 calls in 1998, making him the "top call" member of the corps. Bill has served as supplies and PCR officer during his membership years.

Marianne Knapp:
Operator 08

Marianne Knapp

Marianne joined the corps in 1974. Marianne had more than 1800 calls.

Wayne Schutz:
Operator 12

Wayne Schutz

Wayne joined the Corp in 1989, he has served as Radio Officer, Membership Officer and has been on the Board of Directors, also serviing as its Chairman. He continues to serve today.

Honorary members are people from the community who have either made significant contributions to the Corps or who have shown outstanding support of the Corps. We are happy to announce the following honorary members.

Katie Bonnelli

Katie Bonelli

Katie was inducted as an honorary member at the 2000 annual dinner meeting. In 1999, the membership of the corps voted to begin ALS (paramedic) service. Katie, who was the town supervisor at the time, supported the ambulance corps in this endeavor. For this reason, the title of honorary member has been conferred upon Katie.